Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Proof Positive that Angels Dance on Pin Heads

Happy Independence Day!

The Pope is resurgent against populism, and the grand old U.S. of A. will not be able to resolve agreement on any of the important questions, preferring to argue over women or children first while rearranging the deck chairs so they don't have to worry their pretty heads.

And in the meantime there are quiet announcements (like a press release late Friday, who cares on July 4?) that the standard model for physics has been reaffirmed by the ever so nuanced thinking that perhaps we've actually discovered something which to some high degree of probability resembles the predicted Higgs Boson.

What else might it resemble, one wonders. Hasn't it already been proven that everything depends on what the meaning of is is? It's not as though we're actually looking for other explanations, and anyhow they would all be metaphoric? There is only one fundamental law of nature and it's that we will expend no limit of energy to avoid metaphoric meaning. Which is pretty ironic if you think about it. Or even if you don't.

I am easily excited by metaphors of above and below, fallen and risen, and especially of semblances toward ideal. But I'm not quite willing to raise a horse thief to the level of prophet the way Mitt does nor use such knowledge of absolutes to absolve myself of outright lies which aren't such because they serve some higher truth. I mean that's just horseshit!

I do actually think it's clear enough that humanity occurred within a more Biblical than geologic time-frame. I don't even get why that's controversial. No civilization, no humanity. And we didn't start writing all that long ago. Writing counts, my friends.

The whole designer argument falls flat with me. The bigger mystery is the same old one: what quickened the soup, or in this case the social stirrings? I can hardly exclude the possibility for God. But only as a linguistic placeholder for a motive we can't possibly fathom.

Of course there must be particles down to whatever degree of minimalism to explain the forces of the cosmos. We've established that. There will be no end to instrumentation to find them though because we still can't stand the notion that we are ourselves accountable for our own motives. The final explanation will always rest on non-objective objects. Elusive particles. Reflections of our desperation to find them.

We thought maybe we would find nothing after looking so hardly? I think therefore I Spam.

The other is willed into being by my quickened wanting. QED. I want no more. Quantum Electro Dynamism. I'll trade you my particle for a bit of your energy, hey?