Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mind's I (a quick shorthand before dinner)

The thing that mind is:

We know that something to be called mind has got to exist as the thing that perceives, since it doesn't seem to be enough to tell, simply, that particles collide. It would seem that on the subatomic level there has to be someone listening for the tree falling in the forest to have made a sound.

We know also that any concept of mind must contain the persistence of memory, which is simply a modelling of the perceptual universe in a way that persists in time, and is accessible by mind (that thing having the memory).

What we apparently don't know, and which it is my burden to tell, is that mind further embodies (what a cool choice of term) prediction which is prior to knowledge. The animus of such predictive activity is what we call emotion, which describes also our mental suppositions about eventual perceptual combination of aspects of external reality at present combined reductively and only in our minds. This animus describes a want, of external reality as much as of our mind.

This prediction is what conditions choice among infinitely proliferating possibilities for pairing memory with perceived reality. Call it a disposition. Call it a preference. Call it a rationalization for what was always meant to be.

Knowledge is near perfect predictability. But mind is irreducably present in any conceivable reality. And emotion as a description of future joining can as easily describe a quality of the to-be-realized perceptual reality as of the mind which holds it.

This, apparently, changes everything. We are the life cultivated from and grown out of the soil which has been deposited before us. It is the Word, not flesh, which is shit. And Jesus returns, finally, to earth.

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