Saturday, January 3, 2009

Drat, Foiled Again!

I am nothing if not persistent, enjoying makeshift MacGyver repairs to things way more than replacing with new.  And I hate to give up.  But I just couldn't extract the knob from its stem to put the bathroom latch back in working condition.  Does this prefigure my pending automotive decision? If so, how?  

I know I'll go back to this one until there's been some resolution, or until I destroy the damn thing entirely.  There's a delicate balance between twisting the knob off and releasing the stuck threads. WD-40 magically appeared among all the gutted basement stuff, cleaned out from my previous residence here, and I thought surely this was the fated gift I needed.

But not yet.  Not today.

Still, I did post my picture, "In Utero" as it should be called.  Or "still behind bars".  Or "Is He Dead Yet?"  Literally steaming hot from the bathtub.  Smokin!

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