Thursday, March 9, 2017

Privateers of Property

Now that the idiots are in charge, what are the rest of us to do? This term defines not just Trump, but necessarily Zuckerberg, Jobs (R.I.P.), Gates, Musk, Ellison, as well as all the lesser luminaries who have the good sense to defy a cult of personality by putting first or forth some trait of identity politics, their sexual orientation, international background, low-keyed competency, to defend their empire precisely against the personal.

Idiots are those locked so far within esoteric discourse that they no longer have the ability to know the world outside of it. There can be no communication with them. Their interiority matches their exteriority because they can naturally and without effort see themselves reflected in nearly every aspect of the world which they not only inhabit, but effectively define. There is only a distinction without any difference between what we literally mean by idiot (beyond the pale of human?) and what I seem to mean here figuratively.

I think maybe what we can do is to stop paying them any mind. We did think, in our Hollywood-channeled patriotic enthusiasm, that we were electing someone from outside the beltway, but now suspect instead that we have simply replaced one dynasty which understands that oil will define the world for just a moment longer - at least until the poles shift or slip and the sea level rises to create a greater emergent force than our cloud machinery - with one which by its insubservience to the puppeteers becomes a proto Dictator even beyond those who could be regulated by moneyed handlers; along the lines of the Un of false bipolar opposition.

This new quasi-nuclear hypersexualized and therefore binary family power understands that Russia's oil is much better moderated than that occupied by the fanaticized and therefore dangerously insubservient populations of the Middle East. What, we thought our geopolitical occupation of their desert would create some sea of pacifists??? Affinity with Israel is just propensity to suppose that walls can define in from out anymore. And far from a Faustian bargain on the part of our Rightward Beltway Denizens, these citizens of the polity of the discourse of Washington understand perfectly that their very sanctioned existence has been fundamentally undermined. Their rhetoric could make no sense otherwise, barbarians within the gates.

Yes, well, the only way that I know if I was sensible enough to shut my machine down last time I used it is to check the state of the battery. This time, it would seem that I was in some hurry and Macintoshed my Windows by just shutting its lid. Zero battery, since the instrumentation for sleep is as broken in my machine as it is in my body, and I must kick myself. We will see if politics as usual comes back to life. I suspect not, but cannot be certain until the lid is lifted.

This Benjamin Bratton is a very dangerous fellow, but fortunately for those of us outside the rings of power, no-one inside any of them will be able to read him. No expert in any field will be able to follow what he is writing about since, as with physicists who scrambled to get on top of the Einsteinian Paradigm Shift to leverage their insider knowledge, not to do so would be to become as scientifically irrelevant as the religious fanatics who now define our geopolitics. Irony, you are a cruel God. You convolute me.

What I mean to say is that the discourses toward understanding our world have become so esoteric that one would have to leave one's identity entirely behind now, and jump into the sea with the rest of us the way that some wall streeters or Silly Con artists sometimes do when they grow a conscience. To his credit, I think Bratton understands this, although to pay his bills he is obligated to carry forward his simulation of genius in masculine form. I mean, who but me would shun an academic appointment, right? The sacrifices seem so inconsequential. To your heart.

From my minuscule academic platform, I sent an invitation to the Stacker to speak, about which common courtesy among academics would demand at least an acknowledgement. But I did Trump him by inventing my own term - binary Logocene - which would brand me as that same sort of nutjob who writes physics professors to compel them toward some new Grand Universal Theorem of Life, the Universe and Everything. Yes, I am that person. *sigh*

Well, you won't have me to kick around anymore, academia. I have officially aged out from any more Paper Chasing, (skirt chasing long since abandoned). But here in the cozy cloud of false virtue-ality, I can have a voice if I want it, right?

Not so fast, Bozo, not so fast. OK, so where was I? Yes, the only thing which really makes any sense is that Trump smells oil which means money and of course there will be blood. His logic of the Wall and the Meaningless Military Tax is clear enough. It is identical to the formation of anger among we in the opposition, which describes an emotional bridge between the old world and the one that we see looming, and we only see the actual imprisonment of our very minds, since we have long since understood that when labor is free, thought isn't any longer. Thought too must be strategically deployed, and anger falls into the trap of the sucker punch which has been dealt from Washington since at least the time of Nixon, and likely earlier.

Why do you think it was so important to get oil flowing through Native American Territory, like next week!?! We are all suckers to the incredibly falling prices that keep us cozy and smug and white. Let them eat and sleep under cardboard, since the package costs more than its manufactured [sic] contents anyhow. Why is it so important to cozy up to Putin? Duh! If he doesn't have a Shell-game deal for a piece of the action, Trump is a bigger idiot than even we in the loyal opposition peg him for, literal or figurative makes no nevermind.

I mean it just may be that the most important thing to do is to understand, become the ground, and then shake it in a subtle enough way that the powers that be lose their balance and topple. The secret energy is, naturally enough, love. Anger will not get us there.

OK PollyAnna, What? Is Snowden friend or foe? Don't drones save more innocent lives than they destroy? Could Obama really even show his darker side? And why dear God of Irony, die Snowden have to end up in Russia to channel holdover cold war intelligence straight to Polity Rapist Hillary Hating Wiki no boundaries Media???? Pedia? Phile? Leaks!

My cloud is pierced and I am leaking out all over but let us not be so foolish as to pay attention to idiots, no matter how much they feel like Genius Incarnate. Virtually Jesus, as we do worship now in the workplace against our fellow man for the sake of the price of a chainsawed captive Rhino's horn, which is apparently worth more than you or me in our entire lifetimes, and so who wouldn't do it if they had the chance? It just seems clever, like going viral by accident does, or winning the lottery on purpose or perhaps you might know what I mean. What wouldn't you do, Donald, for money or a good hard-on? Is that the lead we wish to follow?

I think it might be worth saying over and again that the only God by whom to True our Heart is the God of Love and not the One to Live in Fear of. Don't be dangled by patriarchy against your brother, Sister, it is your turn at the Helm.

OK, gotta go to Work, Hi Ho!!!

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