Thursday, March 5, 2020

Why Elizabeth Warren had to Drop Out

This is not very complicated. Those of us who knew that Warren was the best choice for president - among those in the running - just don't care. We are the same people who don't care to run for any office or responsibility ourselves, and who click delete on every single political fundraising solicitation because the problems are too deep, and money in politics is the deepest among them.

We wish that Schumer would have kept his yap shut about how supreme court justices should decide. We wish that Biden hadn't raised such an unsavory kid, and we wish that he had anything substantive to say about what has to change. Things have moved beyond fixing. No one has the language to talk about what needs doing first.

And so we ski and ride our mountain bikes and read as though the answer could be found through the written language or in being educated enough. We tone our bodies and our minds and look vaguely down on those who give a damn. We can and will stay put until stuff clarifies about the X virus. We know how to follow theories about black holes and nullity clouds. We vaguely believe in something out there beyond Jesus. We know enough not to pray about it. That would just be stupid.

The cosmos has a mind and it won't be tamed by preachers. We know that, and we know that the arc of history will tend away from our brethren who are so proud of themselves for understanding money and raising themselves to the status of potentates; so local in place and time that they have annihilated themselves along with the rest of us just like sucking themselves up their own tubas in some Yellow Submarine. Zuckerberg is not even worth the algorithm that got him going. A sucking black-hole nullity with less soul, even, than you or me.

Of course if we did have that much money, we'd spend every cent of it to get Warren elected so that we could go back to our wonderful lives. Worked for Bloomberg News, right?

What are we to do now, then? Beg Hillary to swallow her pride? Beg Michelle or the other big O to give us a hug? Look for any remaining Republican who's not Mormon to find their soul back?

There's way more in the balance here than winning. I don't care how much Goop you slather on your selfie self, that's not the way out of here. If we can't cheerlead for a decent candidate, then what can we do?

Psilocybin for the masses? Couldn't hurt. Waking up to the fact that we can't take over and engineer life? Could help. Set reasonable limits to where capitalism can go? Not a bad idea. We should at least stop outsourcing our government to the lowest bidder.

All that we need is a president who would ask for the real expertise to come forward. About how corporations are incentivized to destroy the forests and spew carbon into the atmosphere. About how to get those things right. About how to decenter finance and recenter human productivity. We don't need no stinkin' superstar at the helm.

We just need a decent well educated human being with a heart. Just like you or me. Someone who doesn't want to lord anything over anyone. Otherwise, we're going to need another revolution. That would hurt.

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