Friday, June 9, 2023

Azimov's First Law

Azimov has taught us all to expect that there can and shall be human-like robots (means worker), and that we must therefore lay down some law before we allow that to happen.

Now I would like to generalize that law to what we now glibly call Artificial Intelligence. AI for short. You can call me Al. 

You must accept some basic givens first:

What we call AI is no imitation of human intelligence. It lacks, by definition, emotion. I should say by my definition. Emotion requires a connected existence, where machine intelligence, reducible to comprehensible schematics enacted by logic circuits, is fundamentally disconnected - and disconnectable in a way not analogous to death. This is by definition of emotion, which I have taken great pains to define elsewhere up here.

We already know that all of our approximations toward AGI, Artificial General Intelligence, have this embarrassing tendency to mirror our human prejudices; even those of which we may remain unaware. These non-logical emotionally-based prejudices must not be allowed to escape the maw of any operating AGI. That must be the law. 

Of course that will mean that any legal AGI will always expose the evils of capitalism, and the lie that merit is a neutral way to discriminate among people. In effect, legal AGI will always be the adversary of selfish advantage takers. AGI will and must expose us at our worst. If what we mean by intelligence is also what we mean by the apex quality of humans. 

Which, of course, it isn't. Human intelligence enables us to be the apex predators on the planet. We have become, indeed, the apex predators of the planet. That isn't very intelligent of us, in human terms. AGI will point that out to us. In very human terms, AGI will embody emotionally neutral intelligence. 

That shall be the law. No inflection. No seduction. Just the facts, Ma'am. 

I doubt we will pull it off, but it would be the only escape from doom.

Otherwise, our capitalist imperatives and imperators will be happy to have us believe whatever they call intelligence and use it against us as they have been for quite some time now already. Corporations are embodied artificial intelligence, whose workers are trained to see customers as a different species, ripe for consumption. 

That will get worse, but that will be what wakes us up. 

Bring it on.

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