Saturday, February 14, 2009

A little placeholder

Or like a note to self: 

That as explosions were captured and turned to revolutions by the internal combustion engine. As the discovery of plugged rockets led to guns, and as the bullets' energies were captured. And as oil provided both the fuel and the lubrication. And as the wars provided the orgies of destruction, pitting entropy so directly against life's thermodynamic backwater eddy, most recently in oil saturated cataclysmic destructiveness, punctuated finally by demonstration of man's having achieved in action prior to contemplation, his absolutely final ability to control his surroundings (mushroom clouds after the rain of fire) for catapulting out with transistors and spaceships and radios and the rest. Let us not forget that oil, quite apart from being a fuel from hell, as opposed to those from the heavens (Tom Friedman's book again) has also been the gift which gets us to this point of transformational consciousness. Which we, of course, resist, still enamored of our childish ways and hopes for more revolutions toward more joy than is our human measure. 

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