Saturday, February 21, 2009

Off to the Mardi Gras!

I'm off this kick for a bit, as I invest my time back into writing up my "book".  It's hard, and I very much doubt my talent.

. . . so I'm off to a reunion, of sorts, for folks who can't stop identifying with the "school for the gifted" I once did head. This, also, is hard for me, since closing the school was so costly personally, and since I am not terribly sociable.  I am very touchy on my various skins, and need just a bit more molting time in my cocoon. My cocoon which has always been a feature of me - likely relating to some not quite clear enough boundaries between Mom and me. She invested too much delight in me and not enough in herself. Made me want to hide all the time.

Sort of like these alumni, some of whom may be too attached to whatever they thought was special about that they associate with the school. Like Mensa dweebs. I think it's abusive to tell kids their IQ. The test has some validity as a diagnostic, and I surely tried to identify the school more with its approach to learning, which certainly wouldn't appeal to all kids, because it was very brainy. The kids didn't need more label than that. And for sure, the best of the reasons so many still stay close is because it really was a special group, some great teachers, and most of all an honest interaction between the teachers and students, built more on respect than instrumental inculcation, which seems to have become what most schooling is about.

So, hi and bye, and more later . . . .

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