Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bonelli FengShui Cycle

Crossing a hundred
Today my share of real adventure
Melanoma excised recently from Mom's face
Spinal tapped bro bike plant
Tire hopping traffic stops
Here in dessicanso SoCal
Where dirt roads
Function as public/private divides and
No one rights copy for this place
Which could explain why
They allow outboards, hell they allow inboards
On a pequish lake that could be pretty
Enough to allow
Monstrous McMansions overlooking
Footprint adjusted up for riff-rafters
Siphoned off to curated
Raging WatersPark
There are remains of cowboys
Ski planes, jet skis, the shouting in the valley
At least in Buffalo you can fail
And be noticed
You can die
And be other than windscrape
But still
There might be meaning

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