Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Fool

I wonder how many times I've used this caption. I generally am an April Fool, not noticing that someone is pranking me. Today it's snowing, and that's for real. But I'm getting ready to go rogue, and why not? Verizon has unlimited cellular and good coverage, and it looks as though I can do blogger now from a low-powered long battery iOS device, which is news to me. I think that there will be lots of room to overnight my RV in Trump country, and I look forward to that.

I suppose I should get some help about how to monetize myself, right? I need to syndicate my travelogue, but I never do have the patience to sort that stuff out. Still, it should be interesting. I have no sense that the Trumpsters are all wrong, and I'm doing the mental gymnasitcs to rid myself of the little hidden prejudices of an habitual cosmopolitan and coastal population centers denizen. I want to open my mind about why people feel so strongly.

Trump, frankly, is doing a beautiful job of calling nearly all the questions. His moves on climate change, making government appointments, sweeping away rules which inhibit concentrations of money toward the inchoate ideology of wealth begets wealth will have to clarify the discourse. It's not a test I've wanted, but it's a test that had to happen. And most of us in the cosmopolitan centers would also admit that the two party Frick and Frack political structure really isn't working to render community-building civic infrastructure anymore.

There are too many stark divides, and we don't know how to talk with one another. And I do have to confess to a kind of terror about gun-toters and small town law, but I can deal with it. The alternative is to lose my mind staying in place.

And I think I have a good approach. Mine is anti-AI, anti-Virtual make it real cosmology. While the coastal elites are dazzled by their own SAT genius to cleverly manipulate logic channels on silicon wafers and whatever better substrate is yet to come, these relative children have no way to know how retrograde and frankly ignorant their thinking is. It would seem that they actually do believe that we can engineer the world faster than it will engineer us right back; that they are more engineered already by their own creations than they will ever be able to tell, because they have dulled their own humanity thereby.

My cosmos has room for a-physical a-temporal instant action at a distance forces by the Name of emotion. It's a kind of God is Love formulation, but it does actually work to describe why humanity - which has yet to appear on the planet so far as I can tell - will ultimately prevail.

I mean really, if Jesus were to return we'd all be looking for the spaceship he rode in on, no matter what we profess on Sunday or to the voters we want to sweep. No sane person believes in the literal Jesus, although the man may have been the first human on the planet.

This is not such a big stretch, and it might help to move folks beyond the starkness of their fear toward opposition to the "other." I know I'm not nearly so intelligent or educated as most of those who have license to write. And that's a good start.

We'll see!

Stay tuned . . . . .

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