Sunday, April 2, 2017

What Really Went Wrong

Like a lot of people, I caught the trailer to Al Gore's new film, a sequel to An Inconvenient Truth. I gotta say, and maybe this is like a lot of other folks out there - probably most of the folks who voted for Trump - I really wanted the rich fat fuck to shut up. I wanna say he's just more of the same what went wrong.

So today, you know, I went for a drive because it's sunny and I'm finished with the tinkering on my escape-buggy, ready to roll, and nothing else much to do. I drove past the rich parts of Burlington's exurbs, and oh my are they nice. The lily white state.

Good ol' NPR, which fuels Vermont's self-righteous sense that it really is the vanguard of right thinking people everywhere, brought Vince Staples to my attention, and Oh my Fucking God this guy is what we need. I don't so much give a shit about his rapping, as I do think that he's the one who should be president. Or maybe nobody should be president, but I want a team of what he's talking.

The failing is not Hilary's, or either of the political parties. There is not a one among them who has the forward looking sense to know what's going on on the planet, and so naturally all this tech and media which still shuffles money around in all the good old ways to the good old boys just basically accelerates what we already had, which is Trump as culmination, coda, triumph of a system which has run that way for its entire life long, which isn't very much. 250 odd years maybe. Not a long time.

So China's bid to take our place as global leader makes a lot of sense since by many accounts they haven't really tried much that's new across the millennia. They accelerate just as we do, but structurally they never did have the structure to put an idiot in charge. What I'm saying is that the damage Trump can do is nil, approximately, up against the good which might happen as a result of calling the question. And maybe that's even what he did set out to do.

But I'm not going to give him Al Gore's rightful allotment of malice aforethought, dazzling us with powerful rhetorical structures which cannot - they are science! - be denied. The Donald is just surfing the rhetoric of the great unwashed and uneducated masses, but they aren't really doing much worse than those of us who thought we should be in charge have been doing up to now. What, really, is the difference between white articulation acceptable to Yale and street jive if the sum total of clarity up against what we don't know is precisely equal.

Yes, this is the import of The Stack to me still at this point, although my pace for reading is a bit on the slow side of reading Chinese classics; both paces a result of depression, feeling at the end of my game, not having any more portfolio to practice. Why bother, kind of thing.

It's time for people who do get it to come forward and take charge. Angry white men don't have anything worth saying, but angry black men sure do. It sounded marginal and revolutionary until this fellow Vince Staples came along and that nigga's got a bead on what's going on in the world.

I hope he has the sense to let the sistas take charge though. They will understand more immediately how the global computational sphere - the cloud layer - can only amplify propensity for accident on a global scale. We can't meter ourselves back into rhythm with the life force. We have to get our souls into the game, and break away from the mindset engineered into us by the dazzle of technologies which overtake our entire focus and attention.

Or in other words, the conflict minerals are cultivating raw animal forces which might yet articulate something human. Once the lie that the coloreds might partake in the winnings of the bloviating class is told for what it is.

Yes, I know, we need more women in STEM, or throw them a bone, STEAM, but what if they just simply said fuck that, why would I try to play a white man in drag. You don't see that patriarchy is baked in at the level of the silly con, man?

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