Monday, April 5, 2021

Words Make us Crazy, Especially When They're Written

I read with horror and amazement about this finance cowboy who makes and loses money for Christ. I peek at a Facebook posts of a bible-talking medical doctor railing against the vaccine. I don't care about the money lost, and I don't care about the freedom of speech of Bible-thumpeters either. I do care about the con. The human mind seems to have a hidden tap for crazy. It seems related to Jesus and the whole 'in the beginning was the Word' thing. 

I make the claim that love is a cosmic force, here and there in my writing. I have always been amazed at the historical power of Jesus Christ, the story if not the Man. I have left a tap open in my own mind, just in case God may be real and I mistaken (in my pride at making sense of words?). 

I grow old in a way to make my writing even worse than it already is, and was and has-been. My excuse: I'm not trying to write professionally. I'm trying to conjure some sort of truth from words. I'm trying to true them, across as much reading as I can bear. I'm trying to make the same profound sense that, say, the Dao De Jing makes. Words have proliferated so that this becomes near impossible. That's my excuse. 

I have no intention to force my words on anyone.

I start my fifth paragraph with "I" and still I wish to disappear from my writing in just the way that simple-living Hwang's fortune dissolves, taking down a bunch of banks with him (don't worry, they don't sink, they just flounder for a moment). A Bible thumper has always made a convincing con.

Watching that horned Q-Anon nut-job lead a gang of vandals (he was dressed as a Vandal in the literal sense, right?) in a kind of bizarre prayer session in the Senate chamber should have clued us all in. There is something scrambled in the collective mind of a country as devoted as we still seem to be to a literal read of the literary and curated, very highly produced Bible, as the Word of God. 

How, I ask you, can love be turned into so much hate? So much child abuse? So much practice of indulgence in the forbidden fruit? Not of sex which is practiced so lovingly outside any Church (although much more exciting inside), but of patriarchal abuse of women, children and men. Forgive me father, for I have forced myself on someone again. I shall not want.

We call this out every chance we get now, really just because it's safe to do so. Yes, Andrew Cuomo, your license has been revoked. You should become a preacher. They're pausing the prosecution of any more priests here in Buffalo so that the Church's bankruptcy may proceed more smoothly. Praise God?

How have Christians come to hate border-crossers? How have Christians come to hate gays? How have Christians come to be so contrarian about nearly everything that's sensible? 

That's the same question as how can the mind become so crazed while still being able to navigate a life? What magic formulary of word-doctoring has made that even possible? In Korean?!? 

I guess we all need something to hold onto. We can't make sense of the world, we don't know who to trust, and so we accept as truth whatever gets Trumpeted loudly and with the most self-assurance and in the right cadence, and it must shake the very foundations of rational mind, just like Gideon brought down that wall, Mr. Gorbachev. 

Yes I did march around the Pentagon, but we weren't being exactly serious about bringing down literal walls. It would take a word-crazed one-time pilot to do that. My word-crazed cousin was at ground zero. It was personal.

Now we're building walls? Even as we dismantle the very bedrock of democracy in the name of Republican power? Which claims God for itself? 

This is nuts.

I sure do hope that someone has taken off our distributor cap when China invades Taiwan right after their Winter Olympics. This virus is as nothing against the plague of wanton words which destroy our very minds. The masks worn internally now by all the Bible misinterpreters are far more flameproof than the ones they throw on their toxic fires they fan for what? Freedom? Give me a freaking break already. 

The truth will set you free. 

Your truths are imprisoning you, Christian soldiers. You have erected walls inside your own minds and you shall be damned for a veritable eternity within these walls of your own making.

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